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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yeah, I know, it's been a while.

This past Sunday I smushed my right big toe! A heavy baking sheet (pampered chef - large) fell on it's edge right on the toe. Got bloody inside right away. I hurt so bad that I was shaking from the pain and went into shock. Didn't make a peep though. I even finished washing a pan before sitting down. Keith didn't have a clue what was going on till I sat down on the sofa next to him. He was all sweet and got me some meds along with a rag with ice in it. He sat on the floor next to my foot holding the ice on the That is until his foot went to sleep. heheheee Keith thought for sure that I would lose my nail. So far, I haven't lost it. The pain is going away. I can put some pressure on it now. But it still hurts if I move it too sharply or put more than the slightest pressure on it. It's a slow heal. It's not black though, it's just a dark purple. No Zumba for the time being. :( Wearing toeless sandals, even to work. Too scared trying to put it into a shoe. Still hurts even putting it into sandals.

Parents are coming to visit next week. Keith and I have to real hard getting this place cleaned up before than. We had two months notice but either we procrastinated or something would come up. Almost seems like fate doesn't want the house to get cleaned. At least Keith has this weekend off. We can devote all the time to getting the place cleaned up. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I have a Dr's. appt. with an Endocronologist tomorrow. I was referred by my Gynocologist. We'll see how that goes. I'm sure I'm gonna get poked for more blood. sigh.... I wouldn't mind so much if I wasn't so hard to take blood from. I'll keep you posted on the trials.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Path of Pregnancy...cont.

7-10-09 Silly me. I told my doctor the wrong CVS to call in my perscriptions, so, I had to drive all the way to Terre Haute to get them. Anyway, I started the first pill today (Provera). I take these for 10 days. Now we wait.

7-18-09 Woke up with my back killing me. It started to hurt during the night. Can't move without hurting myself. I still went to Zumba though. I know, crazy me. During the workout, I didn't hurt too bad. After the workout, I was aching all over the entire day. There went all plans for any cleaning that day. I couldn't bend over to do anything. Figured out though that I should be starting my period soon. The pain reminded me of some bad "periods". The pain is just a lot worse than I am used to. Probably because I haven't had a period in a long time or cause it is being medically indused. Not sure.

7-21-09 Woooo! I finally started today. Probably one of the very few times a woman will be happy to get her period! lol I still hurt and ache. There are moments when the pain lessens, but than it gets bad again. Sigh...the trials of being a woman. Now I need to wait 5 days and than I can start taking the Clomed.

I know, the medical names of the perscriptions are all messed up...most likely. But, that is the best I can do without looking them up. :D

I have also started to "shop" for baby supplies. I have a wish list going. To be honest, I had the wish list going since last year. BEFORE Keith and I were even trying. :D heheheheee That is how bad I have been wanting a baby. I definitely have baby fever!

Path of Pregnancy

Well, we have taken the step. As most of you know, Keith and I have decided to try for a BABY! We started back on Sept. 27, 2008. The following will be my tales of adventure for this experience. Since going off the pill, I have had only one period. That was 6 weeks after initially going off the pill, about mid November. Since than, nothing, nadda, zip.

6-19-2009 I went in for my annual PAP smear and talked with my doctor, Ramon Contreras, about the lack of periods. The fact also that I am actively trying for a baby. He ordered a full screen of blood tests. Even had to do a bloodsugar test. That was a pain in the a**. He stated that I may have PCOS and also ordered a sonogram. We talked about medications I could go on etc. For now, we are going to wait on the test results.

6-23-2009 Went in for my sonogram. That was an experience. They sat me in this chair that reclined and unfolded to end with me laying down with my head lower than my feet and my feet are in stirrups the entire time. Quite an interesting "ride". Anyway, the sonogram was an internal exam. So, the technician inserts an instrument that (forgive me folks) looks like a dildo. So I had to lay there, relaxed and not moving, while she moved this thing around taking pictures of my insides! I was trying not to laugh the whole time. heheheee Contreras said it didn't look like I had any cists on my ovaries, thank goodness, but still had thoughts that I should see a specialist. Waiting on the blood tests.

6-26-2009 Got the blood work done today. I am soooooo upset with the last lady who took my blood!! Get back to that later. I fasted for 12 hrs. before the test. The initial blood draw went like clockwork. She took a few vials of blood and that was that. Included in the first round was the blood to be examined right away to get the initial results for the testing. After the go ahead, I was called in to drink this really sweat bad after taste drink. Bleh I had to wait 30 mins. and than got my second blood draw. The third draw was done another 30 mins. later. I had a different lady for those two. Also went like clockwork. No problems. Than, I had to wait an hour. I got a new lady for the last draw and she was TERRIBLE!!!!!!! She poked me THREE TIMES! Each and every time she went DIGGING! Yes, I was in pain. I closed my eyes at one point trying to stay calm. She about freaked out. She wanted to know if I was alright and if I was going to faint. I had already told her multiple times that I don't faint and I have no issues with needles. It's just the pain! But, for some reason she couldn't get it. It wasn't her fault, oh no, it had to be something wrong with me. Also, she talked to me like I was a 5 year old! What the heck is up with that!!?? I am a grown woman! Talk to me like an adult. Don't googoo gaga to me like I'm a baby. Who says, "Oh poor baby, I know that has to hurt." What the F**K!? When she finally hit vein, I was so happy it was almost over. She tried to stall, but I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I almost ran out. :D So afterwards, my left arm looked like I was a druggy. Sigh.....

7-8-2009 Dr. Contreras called me today with my test results. I have very slightly elevated male hormones. The norm is 79 and I had something like 83. My female ones are just fine. My blood sugar is slightly high also. He is going to call in my perscriptions to my pharmacy. I will be taking Provera (medication to either start or stop bleeding). This will be used to get me to "flow". hahahaa After the 5th day, I am to start Clomed (spelled wrong - a fertility drug that will get me to ovulate). I only take that for 5 days. Than repeat if it doesn't work out. He also wants me to track my body temperature, etc. The usual procedures for preperation. He is also going to send in a recommendation for a Endo chro...however you spell it. The fertility specialists. I am to call tomorrow to talk to one of his nurses about the medications and to get an appt. made for the specialist. Things are really starting to move now. Getting kind of excited.

7-9-2009 Called the office and spoke with Julia. I spoke with her about the medications. Pretty clear about that. Going to stop by after work to get information about the Clomed and how to proceed while/after taking it. The best "recommendations". She also called back with my appt. for the Endo...

Phew...getting nervous. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope this doesn't take too many cycles to "catch" on. I would really like to have a little on by next year. Was hoping for one about 2 years ago. lol :D