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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Path of Pregnancy...cont.

7-10-09 Silly me. I told my doctor the wrong CVS to call in my perscriptions, so, I had to drive all the way to Terre Haute to get them. Anyway, I started the first pill today (Provera). I take these for 10 days. Now we wait.

7-18-09 Woke up with my back killing me. It started to hurt during the night. Can't move without hurting myself. I still went to Zumba though. I know, crazy me. During the workout, I didn't hurt too bad. After the workout, I was aching all over the entire day. There went all plans for any cleaning that day. I couldn't bend over to do anything. Figured out though that I should be starting my period soon. The pain reminded me of some bad "periods". The pain is just a lot worse than I am used to. Probably because I haven't had a period in a long time or cause it is being medically indused. Not sure.

7-21-09 Woooo! I finally started today. Probably one of the very few times a woman will be happy to get her period! lol I still hurt and ache. There are moments when the pain lessens, but than it gets bad again. Sigh...the trials of being a woman. Now I need to wait 5 days and than I can start taking the Clomed.

I know, the medical names of the perscriptions are all messed up...most likely. But, that is the best I can do without looking them up. :D

I have also started to "shop" for baby supplies. I have a wish list going. To be honest, I had the wish list going since last year. BEFORE Keith and I were even trying. :D heheheheee That is how bad I have been wanting a baby. I definitely have baby fever!

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