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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feeling good right about now! I have gotten a few things done around the house. Yippie!! Went shopping for some organizing equipment. Reorganized the bathroom "cabinet". It looks a lot better! Added a few corner trays by the sink and in the shower to hold accessories. Whoop! Whoop! Did a few loads of dishes! Mostly moved and organized my desk area into "My" room. The room is my oasis. It is where all my crafts, sewing, and desk are. In the process of getting that cleaned up and organized. Also did some more transferring/ripping of music/cd's onto my laptop. So much done and a lot more to go! hahahahhaa Seems never ending, but taking one task at a time. I hope to one day have the house "guest ready" at all times. :D That will be a project.

Wish me Luck!!!

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