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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Thanksgiving was a good time again this year! Martin's kids are getting big and growing into their own little person. Each still different as night and day. Fun to watch them interact with each other and others. Had an interesting experience with the turkey. It was a fresh free range turkey. Didn't have a lot of fat on it. Was moist, but not very flavorful. Even with a herb butter rub and baste! Oh well...

Had my first sewing class today at JoAnn's. I want to get back into sewing and want to grow my skills. I am preparing myself for when the kids get here and when I will be sewing who knows what. I am also getting a new sewing machine for Christmas. Yippie!! I made a fleece robe in one of my fave colors, purple!! It turned out pretty good for my first project after so long. I now have a robe that actually fits me and doesn't dwarf my arms!! lol Only took about 6.5 hrs. to make. Not bad. In two weeks I start my second class, making a fleece vest! :D

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