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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Parent's Visit

Had a nice visit with the folks. They arrived on Tues. night and I cooked dinner. It was really good. I made:

Roasted potatoes
Squash medley

and for desert, we had Trifle. Mom prepped the berries while I made the pudding. Didn't have time to put it in the bowl, so we assembled it seperately in our own individual bowls. Still turned out really good. :D

Wed. the parents and I went to the Native American Museum in Indianapolis. They have been wanting to visit it for quite a while. The art and artifacts were really nice. Most came from private collections.

For dinner, we went to Umi. Mom really likes sushi and Dad doesn't mind it. Made Keith go because there is more than sushi at the restaurant. Ends up that Keith really liked most of the stuff that I ordered. That is all we had was appetizers and sushi. :D Parent's really liked it. It was a b-day treat for the both of them.

Came back and watched Monsters Inc. Parent's hadn't watched it yet. One of our kitties is named after the little girl in the movie. Can you figure out what it is?? :)

Good visit overall. Quick but nice. Great excuse to get the house cleaned up. I am a lot happier right now. Such a great feeling walking into a clean house!

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